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  • CIIMB - Annual Report 2020

    Published 12th August 2021, 10:41am Press Release

  • Prisons Monitoring Board Issues First Report

    An independent body monitoring the prison system in the Cayman Islands has issued its first report. The 2019 Annual Report of the Cayman Islands Independent Monitoring Board (CIIMB) released, following its recent presentation to Cabinet, is now available on the website of the Office of the Deputy Governor (ODG), at

    Published 29th January 2021, 3:49pm Press Release

  • Deputy Governor’s Office Offers Enhanced Services

    The Office of the Deputy Governor (ODG) has made it easier for customers to submit applications and pay for services provided by the Office.

    Published 25th June 2020, 3:49pm Press Release

  • FOI Analyst Nadira Lord is the Cayman Islands Government Employee of the Month for July 2019

    In handing the award to Ms Lord before Cabinet Office staff last Friday, 16 August, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson reflected on her efforts: “Recently the Cabinet Office was short of two critical staff members and charged with delivering a major event. I am advised that Ms Lord literally worked 18 hour days with little to no rest for the entire week." “Two words which describe her performance are World Class!” Mr Manderson concluded.

    Published 23rd August 2019, 3:46pm Press Release

  • Caymankind data collector recognised as Employee of the Month

    Deputy Governor Franz Manderson presented Mr Hurlston with the EOM award on Friday, 26 July, for delivering an Outstanding Customer Experience in the Department.

    Published 14th August 2019, 3:42pm Press Release

  • Jasmine Myles Employee of the Month

    DG selects Jasmine Myles for her "awesomeness" Deputy Government Franz Manderson selected Facilities Coordinator Jasmine Myles as the May 2019 CIG Employee of the Month for Delivering an Outstanding Customer Experience with her solution-driven manner.

    Published 3rd July 2019, 3:27pm Press Release

  • Joel Burke Applauded with Employee of the Month

    The Ministry of Community Affairs’ Chief Financial Officer Joel Burke is the Cayman Islands Government Employee of the Month for April 2019 under the Deputy Governor’s Award Programme.

    Published 25th June 2019, 12:54pm Press Release

  • Continued initiative earns Joanne Cox March Employee of the Month

    Deputy Governor has selected Personal Assistant to a Grand Court Judge Joanne Cox as the Employee of the Month for March.

    Published 2nd May 2019, 6:57am Press Release

  • Millwood's Efforts are World-Class

    Stafford Millwood, you are the type of Civil Servant that makes the Cayman Islands Government world-class...

    Published 13th February 2019, 6:45am Press Release

  • Stephon Johnson creates Snapshots of Greatness

    Stephon Johnson is the Employee of the Month for November.

    Published 23rd January 2019, 8:55am Press Release

  • Wes Nyack Goes Above and Beyond

    For going beyond the call of duty and his willingness to support colleagues at a moment’s notice Wesrol Nyack joined a select group of CIG employees named Employee of the Month (EOM).

    Published 14th December 2018, 12:39pm Press Release