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Published 14th August 2019, 3:42pm

Enumerator for the Department of Tourism Malcolm Hurlston is the Cayman Islands Government Employee of the Month (EOM) for June 2019.

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson presented Mr Hurlston with the EOM award on Friday, 26 July, for delivering an Outstanding Customer Experience in the Department.

Mr Manderson emphasised the need for sound and accurate data in order to develop our tourism strategies. “While your role as Enumerator may not be glamorous, it is vital to the strategic development and success of our tourism because if allows us to know where best to focus our marketing dollars.”

“You have been innovative in your work and you often put forward recommendations to improve the quality of the data being collected by adding a vendor to the list of attractions [that departing visitors are invited to give feedback on], and finding other methods to ensure that data is easy to understand,” the Deputy Governor added.

DOT Manager of E-business and Research Casandra Morris nominated Mr Hurlston for an award in the Deputy Governor’s Award Programme (which recognises civil servants who exceed expectations). She was supported by Director of Tourism Rosa Harris.

Expanding on the reasons for Mr Hurlston’s nomination, Ms Morris explained, “To ensure that deadlines are met, Mr Malcolm goes out of his way and even does double duty to fill in when team members are out of the office. With an increased need for tourism data in an ever-changing environment, there has been a challenge on human resources to achieve the objectives. “He is also one of the most passionate, kind, and dedicated young Caymanians that we have an opportunity to work with and he has accomplished this with a winning attitude and a smile,” she added.

The Tourism Director lauded Mr Hurlston for his dedication to the Department. “He goes above and beyond to assist both internal and external customers, which is outside of the scope his job description. His willingness and his drive to learn and grow give him the motivation to accept these tasks which adds to the success of the destination and the overall benefit for all people who live and work in the Cayman Islands,” Mrs Harris stated.