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Empowering clients earns probation officer Sophia Wilson-Leslie, Employee of the Month.

"You serve as a role model for all Cayman Islands civil servants..."

Acting Governor Franz Manderson

Published 5th October 2018, 3:32pm

Probation Officer Sophia Wilson-Leslie is August's Employee of the Month for consistently delivering outstanding customer experiences at the Department of Community Rehabilitation through the Female Empowerment Services programme.

Colleagues gathered to celebrate the occasion on Friday, 21 September in the Department's Conference Room. Acting Governor Franz Manderson presented the Employee of the Month certificate. The Chief Officer's Choice Award certificate from the Ministry of Financial Services & Home Affairs was presented by Deputy Chief Officer Kathryn Dinspel-Powell on behalf of Chief Officer Dax Basdeo.

"You serve as a role model for all Cayman Islands civil servants," Mr Manderson told Mrs Wilson-Leslie as he handed her the certificate. "Your zeal to develop the Female Empowerment Services programme ahead of time has improved the lives of 53 clients."

"The primary outcome for FES is to provide opportunities for offenders to gain skills that will help them make better life choices and avoid a life of crime. You consistently do your part to open the doors to new opportunities and enlighten female offenders in a way that meets the unique needs of this vulnerable population."

"FES is a critical service in the community and you took on the responsibility with determined energy. Your passion for working with female offenders is clear," he added.

Ms Dinspel-Powell noted that when Mrs Wilson-Leslie's nomination for Employee of the Month was received by the Ministry, Chief Officer Dax Basdeo did not hesitate to support it, as it is evident that she is a team player with a passion for her work.

Acting Director Lisa Malice explained, "Whether working with female prison inmates, offenders in the community or volunteers, Mrs Wilson-Leslie affirms each one, conducts fair assessments, and interacts professionally with the client's best interest in mind. She is a stellar employee who wants the best for her colleagues and clients."