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Published 3rd July 2019, 3:27pm

DG selects Jasmine Myles for her "awesomeness".

Deputy Government Franz Manderson selected Facilities Coordinator Jasmine Myles as the May 2019 CIG Employee of the Month for Delivering an Outstanding Customer Experience with her solution-driven manner.

Mr Manderson congratulated Ms Myles for her exemplary customer service and stated, "I am advised that you are customer focused, trustworthy, reliable, and humble and committed to your role. You are an exceptional civil servant who often goes above and beyond your everyday duties to ensure the smooth operation and running of your Department. You are always available to customers even when on vacation. Despite a challenging work load you never become rattled in fact you are known to focus on the solution and not the problem."

"Your role requires constant interaction with both internal and external customers," The Deputy Governor continued. "You work diligently to ensure that every aspect of a customer's experience is a positive and memorable one. Your positive attitude makes you approachable and fun to work with. You are a team player who always shares ideas to improve processes within your department. I am advised that if there was one word that could describe you it would be "Awesome". It's been conveyed by your Manager that you are the epitome of what a world-class civil servant should be".

"I am grateful for your service and for making the lives of those we serve better," he concluded.

The Facilities Management Department's MEP & Operations Manager, Craig Maitland, who himself earned a Chief Officer's Choice Award for March, nominated Ms. Myles. "She is known for having 'grace under pressure' even when facing difficult situations and produces items requested on short notice," he noted.

Mr. Maitland explained that even on vacation, she maintained a WhatsApp group for the caretakers of the Civic Centres. She also played a critical role setting up our Mitel telephone system. She assigned the appropriate name and numbers to each user, assisted with setting up voicemail and voice recordings along with many different features.

Deputy Chief Officer Leyda Nicholson-Makasare of the Ministry of Commerce, Planning & Infrastructure presented the Chief Officer Award and announced, "I like the trend of the Facilities Management Department! [We recently presented Mr. Maitland's] Chief Officer's Choice Award in the Deputy Governor's Programme and this Month we are here again for Jasmine."

Mrs. Nicholson-Makasare called Jasmine a "light" in the Department: "You are a solution-driver who excels in several ways. I am grateful for the work you do and for displaying such a high degree of professionalism when dealing with customers, co-workers, and anyone you meet on a daily basis."