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Stephon Johnson creates Snapshots of Greatness

"Mr Johnson, your dedication to GIS contributes not only to making it a World Class Unit..."

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson

Published 23rd January 2019, 8:55am

For consistency in Delivering an Outstanding Customer Experience, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson tapped Stephon Johnson as CIG Employee of the Month for November 2018.

Mr Johnson started working within the Electronic Media Unit of Government Information Services (GIS) in 2011 as a Video Production Specialist.

Over the past year, highlights of his videography include expertly delivering 18 Deputy Governor's Award Programme features and working to cover the Legislative Assembly and related events, including the Arrival and Swearing-In Ceremonies for two new Governors and accompanying them on familiarisation tours around the Islands.

The high level of work performed by Mr Johnson afforded many people in the Cayman Islands and beyond to witnesses these historic events.

When presenting the award at the GIS Studio this morning, the Deputy Governor highlighted Mr Johnson's herculean efforts, explaining: "You produced 18 videos within six weeks for an internal ceremony, despite having to keep up with other assignments."

"Additionally, you never once showed up late or missed a scheduled appointment," Mr Manderson continued. "When producing a video involving a civil servant, you demonstrate much diplomacy and tact by instantly putting him or her at ease in front of a camera. With assistance from your great team, you capably edited each video and prepared them ahead of the agreed timeline."

Mr Manderson added, "Mr Johnson, your dedication to GIS contributes not only to making it a World Class Unit, but also to making a difference in the lives of those we serve, and in building stronger communities."

Acting Cabinet Secretary Robert Lewis also praised Mr Johnson for his team work and productivity, saying: "Your willingness to share ideas with your team and colleagues ensure that any issue that may arise is addressed efficiently. In your efforts to contribute to the Portfolio and the Unit, you remain compliant meeting annual goals and outputs.