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Wes Nyack Goes Above and Beyond

"You are known for your outstanding work ethic..."

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson

Published 14th December 2018, 12:39pm

For going beyond the call of duty and his willingness to support colleagues at a moment's notice Wesrol Nyack joined a select group of CIG employees named Employee of the Month (EOM).

Mr Nyack, a Technical Support Analyst within the Department of Tourism, received the October award from Deputy Governor Franz Manderson on Tuesday, 11 December for delivering an outstanding customer experience.

"You are known for your outstanding work ethic, problem-solving skills, great personality and your dedication to assist the Department in achieving its goals," Mr Manderson said. "Your dedication contributes not only by making it a World Class Department but also by making a difference in the lives of those we serve."

Mr Manderson cited just one of the many recent examples of Mr Nyack's willingness to react quickly to assist a colleague who was preparing for a Skype business call when she experienced connectivity issues. He quickly diagnosed the issue and resolved it in a timely manner, thereby enabling his customer/colleague to successfully complete her call.

"You focus on providing the best service possible, enabling clients to feel that their needs are a priority and are resolved to their satisfaction," Mr Manderson said.

Chief Officer in the Ministry of District Administration, Tourism & Transport, Stran Bodden further praised Mr Nyack for his flexibility, noting "The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism operates internationally with offices in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. This means that we have employees in multiple geographic locations and time zones. It's imperative that communications systems remain open."

"We are grateful that you make yourself available day and night, on weekends and public holidays to help your clients," he continued.

Nominator and Mr Nyack's direct supervisor Information Systems Manager Todd Twinn explained how Mr Nyack's efforts affect the workflow: "When I wake at 6:00AM, we have multiple emails from our London office, most of which have already been addressed by Wes. If we have any technical issues, Wes is always willing to stay in the office beyond normal working hours, come in after-hours or on weekends, sacrificing his personal time to make sure that issues are resolved within a reasonable time and with the least inconvenience to our customers."