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Advisory Committee on the Prerogative of Mercy (ACPM)

The Advisory Committee on the Prerogative of Mercy (ACPM) is a new body established under sections 39 and 40 of the Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009.

History timeline

  • 2013

    Review of Public Services Phase 5 Cutting Through the Red Tape

  • 2012/13

    Review of Procurement Practices


  • 2012/13

    Implementation of Assessment Centre Methodology

    Assessment Centre Methodology

  • 2012/13

    Implementation of Orientation Programme

    Orientation Programme

  • 2012

    Implementation of Deputy Governors Awards

    Deputy Governors Awards

  • 2009

    Review of Public Service initiated

    Review of the Public Service

  • 2007

    Public Service Management Law and Personnel Regulations

  • 1997/8

    Financial Management Initiative

    George McCarthy, Donovon Ebanks, Kurt Tibbetts and Peter Gough attended a Commonwealth Secretariat Workshop and looked at leading edge public sector reform programmes, particularly the New Zealand experience.

    The Financial Management Initiative (FMI) was developed as a result.

    Financial Reform

    Personnel Reform

  • 1998

    Strategic Integration Group

    Governor Owen sets up a Strategic Integration Group to bring together the separate reforms initiated over previous years.

  • 1996/7

    Review of Public Finance & Audit Law & General Orders

    Further reviews were carried out by the UK National Audit Office on the Public Finance & Audit Law Review, but no significant changes were made and a review of General Orders was also undertaken by Michael Bradley QC which again resulted in no changes.

  • 1996/7

    IRIS Implementation

    Under the auspices of the Accountant General, Alan Mason, a review was done of the financial computer system and an integrated information systems (IRIS) was implemented on an Oracle platform to cover accounts payable and receivables, payroll, and HR.

  • 1996/7

    Vision 2008 - a Ten year Strategic Plan

    Governor Owen also introduced Vision 2008 the first ever ten year strategic plan for the Cayman Islands. Under the direction of Joy Basdeo country wide polling was undertaken and a number of focus groups were established. Community outcomes were agreed to establish a strategic direction for the various sectors of the community.

  • 1996/7


    Governor Owen introduced Reinvention. Under the direction of Donovan Ebanks and Peter Gough, government agencies were asked to critically examine their organization in terms of service & customer delivery and costs and given license to rethink the business and to develop a more entrepreneurial approach.

  • 1993

    Creation of Mega Departments

    Under the guidance of Governor Gore a downsizing exercise was commenced and a number of agencies were merged to create mega departments.

  • 1991

    Changes to Budget Management

    The Deputy Financial Secretary, Joel Walton introduced fundamental changes to Budget Management:

    • Ministries/Departments responsible for preparing and submitting own budget for first time.
    • Departmental Plans (D-Plans) outlining departmental objectives and activities required.
    • Budget Review Committee process established.
    • Public Sector Investment Committee process established.
    • Medium Term Financial Strategy developed.
  • early

    Creation of Management Service Unit

    The Permanent Secretary, Personnel, Jenny Manderson established a Management Service Unit.

    Under the leadership of Peter Gough, the new Director, the unit:

    • commenced a series of organisational reviews.
    • established a manpower control system to control the growth of the civil service.
    • established a system of job analysis and job evaluation to bring consistency and fairness to job grading across the civil service.

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