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There are currently 9 members on the Board. The present Chairman is an ex magistrate and the other Board members include professionals from the criminal justice field and members with different areas of expertise and professional backgrounds such as lawyers, a pastor, counselors etc. The Board has a Secretariat to assist it in its work and meets on a monthly basis. The Conditional Release Board reviews cases of prisoners while ensuring that they are given the best opportunity to address offending behaviour and rehabilitate themselves.

The Conditional Release Law and Regulations only applies to prisoners sentenced to one year or more after the 15th February 2016 and prisoners currently serving life sentences. Conditional Release means early release from prison and subject to strict conditions of a license. Prisoners serving sentences of one year or more are eligible for conditional release. Conditional Release is available after 60% of the sentence has been served.

If conditional release is granted, strict license conditions apply. Once released and if conditions are not followed, the prisoner can be called back to prison at any time where he/she will have to serve the remainder of the sentence or wait for another review.

The safety and security of the public is top of the Board’s priorities. The Board will review and give consideration of all relevant factors. These include the following factors:-

  • no longer a danger to the public
  • the risk of reoffending;
  • whether rehabilitation can be safely carried out in the community;
  • compliant with the conditions of a license.
The Conditional Release Of Prisoners Regulations 2016 The Conditional Release Law, 2014

Last Updated 2016-02-26