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How do I become Naturalised / Registered as a British Overseas Territory Citizen (BOTC)?

Applications can be downloaded by clicking the Forms tab. Alternatively, you can make your application through an immigration agency. The fees are CI$ 825 (Naturalisation as a BOTC for persons aged 18 and over) or $450 (Registration as a BOTC). These fees include a non- refundable application fee of CI$200. The average processing time for applications is 2 to 4 months. Written notification of the outcome will be emailed to the email address you provided on your application. Should your application be approved, you will then make an appointment to attend a pledge ceremony.

After your pledge ceremony you will receive a Certificate of Naturalisation from the Office of the Deputy Governor (ODG) and you are free to apply for your British Overseas Territories Citizen passport. For further information call 244-2403.

Process Step Procedure to be Followed
Access Application form and guidance notes on website and complete

Applicant downloads and completes application.

Applicant visits the Post Office, identifies the relevant ODG service, pays the fee and receives a receipt.

Applicant emails completed and signed application form, the receipt of payment from the Post Office, and any other required documents to

Receipt and assessment of application

ODG sends acknowledgement and receipt by email or post.

ODG checks application for completeness, conducts relevant checks and prepares application for review.

Application Screening Application is screened for suitability.
Approval ODG informs applicant of decision by email. If the application is approved, date and time for pledge ceremony will be confirmed.

Applicant arrives for Pledge Ceremony

Applicant recites the Pledge in the presence of the Deputy Governor

Receives signed Naturalisation Certificate

What is a Proof of Nationality letter?

It is a legal document to replace the original Certificate of Naturalisation or Registration which has been lost or destroyed. The document can be used to confirm that the individual is a citizen of the Cayman Islands by virtue of being granted Naturalisation or Registration. The process can take up to a month after submission of the application and fee.

What is the fee for a Proof of Nationality Letter?

The cost is CI$150 and is payable to the Cayman Islands Government. We only accept draft/cheque

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Last Updated 2020-07-21